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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 14, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> bret: might be working. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced, and unafraid. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: [explosions] >> bill: protesters in greece now trying to burn the country down it all has to do with cut backs in entitlement spending. glenn beck predicts these scenes will soon happen here. we will talk to the beck meister. >> the economy he is growing stronger. recovery is speeding up. and the last thing we can afford to do right now is to go back to the very policies that got us into this mess in the first place. >> bill: president obama unveils latest budget. he wants to spend $1.3 trillion the country does not have. is this a disaster? juan and mary katharine will analyze.
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♪ and i will always. >> bill: whitney houston dead at age 48. drugs are involved. i will weigh in on why this stuff continues to happen. >> crack can whack. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. can somebody please lend my country another trillion dollars? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo today in virginia president obama unveiled his new budget, calls for $1.3 trillion in deficit spending. the feds simply do not have the money. they have to borrow it. if the budget would pass that would raise the u.s. debt to more than $16 trillion about 5 trillion of that accumulated
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on president obama's watch. now, think about this. financial ruin comes from spending more money than you have. yet, president obama continues to do that. opining that he will eventually decrease deficit spending by taxing the rich. that is a myth. spending is so far out of control you can't even dent the debt we have by raising taxes on the affluent. unfortunately, many americans don't even care about this vital issue. >> look, the facts are the facts. the debt is going to expand to 16 trillion pretty soon is the nation's biggest problem and he just won't grapple with it. >> yeah. you argue -- i mean, i would argue long discussion, debt doesn't matter. >> bill: you don't think 16 trillion in debt matters? >> no. not at all. >> bill: not at all. president obama knows millions of americans think like mr. beckel. the debt to them is a phantom. has no consequences. to those folks i point to greece.
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over the weekend, protesters through the that troubled country try to destroy it, why? because the greek government is cutting entitlements to save itself from default. 22% cut in the greek minimum wage and 150,000 government layoffs. incredibly, almost 25% of the entire greek workforce works for the government. paid for by the government. that's why the country is bankrupt. they can't afford the pensions, health care benefits and salaries it owes the public workers. my pal glenn beck thinks americans will soon start rioting in the streets because of economic issues. beck is coming up shortly. talking points believes the american economic machine is still strong, unlike greece. but there is no question president obama's big spending policies are putting our currency, the dollar at grave risk. if the dollar collapses, all of our personal assets, money in the bank, investments, housing, all of that is going to be put in jeopardy. again, guy back to the facts. america will soon owe more
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than $16 trillion. mr. obama is not making drastic spending cuts. does that sound like a good policy to you? and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. you may remember back in 2009, president obama promised to cut the deficit by half. yesterday, chris wallace made a point of that. >> in february of 2009, president obama, one month after he took office, made a promise. let's take a look. >> today i'm pledging to cut the deficit we inherited by half by the end of my first term in office. >> the president isn't close to keeping his promise to cut the deficit in half. >> the plan that the president is going to be sending to congress tomorrow will reduce our deficit to the point that over the period covered by this budget the deficit is a percentage of g.d.p. will be less than 3% which means we will stop having new spending adding to the deficit. >> bill: what? what? with all due respect to
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mr. lew i have no blanking idea what he just said. i have no clue. joining us from washington, two people who may be able to straighten me out. i hope so. mary cath rib -- catherine ham and juan williams. what did he say there, juan? >> little bit of green shade of count and talk. we are going to grow our way out of this problem. he believes with the added spending in terms of infrastructure and investment in education and the like, that with the u.s. economy already recovering, he sees more recovery in sight and the u.s. will. >> bill: that wasn't the question. that wasn't the question. the request, juan was a simple question because as you know chris wallace is a simple man. here is the question. president obama said in 2009 he is going to cut the deficit in half at the end -- by the end of his first term. >> yeah. >> bill: wallace was nice. he said he didn't come close. he increased the deficit by a trillion dollars. cut it in half. here it is. the president said he is going
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to cut it in half and he he increased it by a trillion. this guy comes on, lew, and he says something -- i read it six times. i got distracted by looking at his hair but then i read it, the transcript, all right. >> you are too much. >> bill: six times i couldn't understand. mary katharine, help me. help me here. >> what he is trying to say he is using a different measurement percentage of g.d.p. to try to say there won't be any added spending. they use rosier depictions than the congressional budget office does. they are already probably too optimistic. the bottom line is the president's budget is a chance for him to put forth his vision in sort of a fantasy world where he doesn't have to count on this passing. you will remember last year it goes zero votes even from democrats in the senate. and his vision is if he gets all the taxes he wants. if he gets to jack up all the tax rates as much as he wants, he still can't come close to paying for what he wants to pay for.
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like obama always does, he he sounds good sometimes talking about these issues. actions do not match that. >> bill: i want us all to agree not only me and mary katharine and juan, everyone watching all over the world, i want us all to agree president obama has not kept his promise to cut the deficit in half. do we all agree? >> no. wait. listen. wait a minute. >> bill: you don't agree with that? >> look, he had no idea. >> bill: he had no idea. you are not agreeing. >> no. >> bill: i don't want an excuse. you can make them and that's fine. >> that's no excuse. >> bill: he didn't do it. may be extenuating circumstances, juan. let's walk through it? >> you put it like you are a prosecutor and you are charging this guy with being a liar. >> bill: i want us all to agree. "we are the world,"? okay? ♪ we are the world. >> you are making a political charge here and you are acting like he is a liar that didn't keep his promise. >> bill: i don't do that to the president of the united states. i respect it. >> he defaulted on a promise.
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>> bill: juan, i'm saying that he said that he is going to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term. that's what he said. >> you are a smart guy, o'reilly. and you know the fact is that this economy was in a far deeper recession than anybody -- even the most aggressive deficit hawk doesn't say obama could have cut the deficit during that period. >> bill: everyone in the world except juan agrees that he didn't cut the deficit in half. all right? so we have to have one, you know what it is. always one dopey -- don't be that guy, juan. >> complicates matters. >> bill: number two, all right? the president's budget that he gave today, all right? doesn't cut any deficit. it increases the debt by 1.3 trillion. do we all agree? >> yes. we all agree. >> bill: yes, we do. yes, we can. >> we all agree. but you must also think about
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what exactly are republicans proposing, dr. o'reilly. >> i didn't know they proposed a budget. >> bill: if ron paul is elected. there will be no federal government, juan. everything is gone. we're going to do what the romans did to cartridge. we are going to destroy the capital city and put salt down so nobody else can grow things there. >> he would get credit with me for actually even trying or looking serious about. this he wouldn't have to actually meet the haling the deficit for me. i would like to see him not put forth four straight budgets that do raise the deficit over $1 trillion. i would like to see him accept the fact that he has appointed a deficit commission and take some of their ideas and use them. >> bill: he can't, mary katharine. >> mary katharine there was a grabbed bargain proposed the president said if you give me a small amount of revenue increases i will give you big cuts. john boehner the speaker said
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[inaudible] who said no? who said no? republicans said no. >> bill: all right. great. do we have any aspirin over there? all i want, juan, is admission of the obvious. i can't seem to get it? >> you got an admission. the obvious is we have been through a tough recession. >> bill: tough time, tough recession. that's the same thing the greeks are saying, juan, and they are burning the house down. next on the run down, brit hume on how much the contraceptive debacle has hurt president obama if at all. glenn beck believes there will soon be rioting in the streets of america. he will tell us why up ahead. frank, instead of scratching your way to retirement,
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>> bill: in the impact segment tonight, the hume zone, even though president obama is getting hammered by the catholic church. lightest tracking poll says president's approval rating holding at 50% with 48% disapproving. did the controversy hurt at all. brit hume joining us from florida. before we get to that, wallace asked jack lew, the new chief of staff, hey three years ago the president said he would cut the deficit in half. he didn't. how come? jack lew says something that i don't understand.
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i'm sure you did. he didn't answer the question though, did he. >> he didn't answer the question directly. what he did say was of interest. that this budget, if you believe its numbers, would reduce the deficit as a percentage of the overall economy. that's important because even though you carry -- you may be carrying more debt, if the economy is growing and is large enough, it can more easily carry the debt. that's what happened during the reagan years. deficits went up but the economy grew like mad and the debt was easily carried and people stopped worrying about it what's hurting right now is that the economy is sluggish and the debt is growing and it's hard for the economy to carry it all. >> no matter how good the economy is, i don't think you will feel comfortable carrying a 16 trillion-dollar debt whether you have to borrow the money to pay the interest on the debt, hume. come on. >> that would be less true if the economy began to grow in tax receipts. the assumptions of growth that are built into this budget i think are at odds with other.
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>> bill: whatever. i'm not going to speculate. >> extremely rosy. >> bill: i want the folks to know that wallace asked good question and lew didn't answer the question. i'm not crazy. let's get to the country that acceptive thing. the cable news ratings for this story are not good. right? that means that most americans are not engaged in the conflict between the federal government, president obama and the catholic church. they are not. they either don't care about it, they find it boring, they find it disinteresting. then you see the rasmussen tracking poll where the president has not taken a hit. is that the way it's going to remain? the people just don't care about this story? >> the trouble with the poll like that is, first of all, it's not a poll on this issue in particular. second thing is, the polls have difficulty measuring one particular thing, which is important in politics. that is the intensity of feeling. so, my sense about this issue is that while the president may have greater weight of the evidence into some-graduate find or firing up his base
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what he did free contraception to all, to women, obviously in particular, the intensity on the issue seemed to be on the side of the catholic church and those worried about religious freedom. i think that issue will continue to haunt them to some extent and will be a problem. >> bill: let me put it in practical terms. i think what you are saying is that the president didn't gain a lot of currency on his side on the left because they would have voted for him anyway. people who voted for the president last time around, catholics, the majority of them went for him. they might be unsettled why this. so he would lose in the long run because he would lose votes while he didn't gain very much. is that what it is? >> that's -- i think that's the danger that lurks out there. and it remains to be seen how well this so-called accommodation will sell. i think it was a shell game and not very convincing to people who were concerned about their. >> bill: do you think americans want a welfare state at this point in our history? because free contraceptive to all women. okay.
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it sounds good. somebody has to pay for it and it's going to be me and you and the rest of the folks who work for a living. we are going to pay for that, right? are we moving though, we as a nation, are we moving toward we want free stuff from the government, we're willing to sacrifice some of our freedoms to get it because that's really what this is all about, is it not? >> well, yes. that is what it is all about, bill. and the question comes down to this. what happens is is that people don't know they want or need a particular benefit. but once it arrives. whether they wanted it or not, once they arrive -- once it arrives and they begin to make use of it and plan their lives around it or become accustomed to it, taking it away is extremely difficult. so, this is the problem with entitlement spending is you get people dependent to one degree or another on these programs or these guarantees of one kind or another and it is very hard to take them away. you hit upon some hard economic times such as those we are in now and you see this explosion in deficit spending and this worrisome growth in
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the entitlement spending, and taking it away is the hardest thing in politics. much harder than going to war, much harder than raising taxes. reducing these kind of benefits is the hardest things in politics. >> bill: that's what you are seeing in greece. that's why they're trying to burn down their own country, trying to take stuff away and they don't want to take it away. >> that's right. that is also why you don't see any aggressive effort by this president to make good on his promise to have the deficit in his first term because it is just extremely difficult. >> bill: all right. brit hume, everybody. living large down there in florida. directly ahead. glenn beck believes americans will soon be rioting in the streets over economic issues. the beck meister also wants to talk about the war on religion in the u.s.a. beck is next.
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bill bill personal story segment tonight, our pal glenn beck talking about war on religion. as always, beck has an interesting take on the subject. he is the author of the subject "being george washington." i spoke with him from dallas. so, beck, you are telling your radio listeners and internet listeners that there is is a war. >> yes,. >> bill: a war on religion in the united states even though while you smoke a pipe and drink alcohol? is that what you are doing? it's not alcohol. it's soda. i don't drink alcohol. well, i just wanted to get dressed for "the o'reilly factor." you made funnel of me last time and said i dressed like a bum. i wanted to get a proper smoking jacket on. >> bill: you look a little life hef. >> there is a war going on. not just faith. it's on conscience. it's on what we believe.
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it's an attack telling us exactly what to believe and what to do. and play within inside their guidelines. i'm sorry, but if you are a catholic, i don't -- would should the catholic church have to pay for somebody's abortion pills why should that happen? that violates everything that you might believe in. all you need to do is open that little bit of a crack. they are giving you their faith and forcing you to acquiesce to their faith. and violate yours. it's wrong. >> bill: i agree with you on that. i think the constitution is clear there shouldn't be any government interference with the practicing of religion. no matter what religion it is. government stays out of it and as soon as the government is ordering religious-based nonprofits to do anything, you are interfering that's clear. >> righto. you are exactly right. >> the courts will strike it down. attorney generals are already threatening to file suit. look -- >> -- it doesn't matter.
2:24 am
wait, wait, wait. it doesn't matter about just this one thing. this is a constant attack on faith and people of religion. >> bill: give me another example. >> how about telling the chaplins not to read the statement from the archbishop of what's going on with the catholic church. >> bill: opposing the contraception mandate. >> exactly right. >> bill: told military chaplins don't read that letter. >> that is an absolute violation of truth and church. you have in new york state where people are being told they can't rent a public school even though that's -- nobody is using the public school on sundays. they can't rent it because they can't have a a religious ceremony in the school on sunday? what sense does that make? what has happened to us? it's an assault on religion. >> bill: you know what's happening. secularism attacks organized religion because in order to advance things like abortion, gay marriage, other things that the secularists believe are valuable. you have to diminish the opposition which is coming from the organized religion.
2:25 am
here is an interesting question. barack obama carried the catholic vote in 2008. vice president biden and former chief of staff daley both said to the president, according to politico. don't do. this give the waiver. it's an easy waiver to give that any nonprofit church based organization doesn't have to fund birth control, morning after pill, any of that stuff. give the waiver. president obama considered it but then listened to his health secretary sebelius, all right? formerly the governor of kansas and big supporter of tiller, you remember the late term abortion doctor who was assassinated. >> no, no. mr. president, this is a woman's rights issue. you have to come down on the side of women's rights and reject the religious issue. that's how he made his decision. >> it's -- i think that's a misreading of the whole situation. nobody will agree with me, especially you, bill.
2:26 am
what this president is interested in is radical transformation. why else would a president do what he has just done? it makes no sense. this guy -- please. if you want to get elected, this makes no sense on any level? really in the catholic church you? are going to go after the catholics? >> if obama makes the decision to alienate many, many people, not only catholics, he loses votes. he gives the republicans a big cannon against them. >> he sure does. >> that has happened. >> he sure does. >> why would he do that? >> not only votes but hispanic votes. >> bill: why would he do it. >> exactly right. why we do it? because he wants people on the streets. he wants people -- he wants that confrontation. you get the people who are active down bottom. you get the occupy wall street. you get people so incensed they get outen the streets and people in the middle say come on, somebody has got to stop. this the top comes down and turns the whole thing inside
2:27 am
out. it's a strategy that george soros has talked about. van jones has talked about. everybody. >> bill: not buying it. >> we have to stand together. faith is under attack. conscience is under attack. and if you continue to blow it off, it will be too late. >> bill: i don't think people are blowing this off. it's big. >> you have me back this summer. and we'll see the summer of '68, in september, if we haven't had real violence in the streets in this country, if we haven't had real unsettling images happening throughout the summer, what i will take you for the biggest steak you have ever had. >> bill: you will eat that pipe. >> i will give you the smoking jacket and a nice sniffer of coke zero. >> bill: he is back. you know him and you love him. because beck is such a big fan of madonna. this might be the time to give you results of bill o' poll question was the madonna super bowl performance boring? 76 percent said yes it was.
2:28 am
24% believe it was fabulous. 30,000 of you voted and we thank you all. bernie goldberg on how the liberal media is covering the contraceptive situation. whitney houston dead at age 48. drugs were involved. i will analyze the sad situation. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> bill: unresolved problem segment tonight, i believe the upcoming presidential race will be the nasaest in the history and that's saying something. both signs are lining up to billions of dollars will be spent doing that one of the most vicious left wing outfits is media matters which is pledging to spend $20 million to influence news coverage in favor of president obama. few americans know much about media matters. joining us now from miami, tucker carlson, fox news contributor who has been investigating media matters
2:32 am
for the daily caller web site. first of all in your first report that i read today and you have a couple of more coming up, you use unnamed sources, people within media matters, you feel comfortable using those sources? >> we would prefer named sources. it was difficult to get anybody on othe record. i would say that reinterviewed so many people in around around media matters and i think it's obvious in the piece that you really get a sense of what's going on inside their offices. by the way -- >> bill: why didn't they want their names used? some of them don't work there anymore. >> they are still in thor bit of media matters. frankly, virtually everyone we talked to was still a committed leftist. it's not that they have ideological problems with what media matters is doing. they have problems with the management of david broke who runs the organization. that's why they came to us. >> bill: surely they know you were going to write this and it's not going to reflect well on media matters. i wanted to point out there are unnamed sources. let's get to the headlines. msnbc you say in your reporting is pretty much
2:33 am
taking what media matters puts out, and what media matters does is propaganda. they are taking it and they are basically throwing it on nbc's air without any kind of fact check or whether it's true or not. they just take it and throw it on the air. the line we had and i'm quoting now we basically write their prime time. particularly anything that pertains to fox news. a lot of what media matters writes does pertain fox news they write per verbatim. >> bill: the head of msnbc, obviously he works for nbc. is this kind of an ethical violation of the news industry? >> well, it certainly is dishonest. you know, what our journalistic ethics. that's an entire separate conversation. yes, of course, it's something that viewers don't know when they are watching. it's collusion that takes place behind the scenes. political agenda. >> bill: they don't cite media matters they take the information and throw it out
2:34 am
there. eugene robinson is one of the main contributors for the -- you say he takes media matters stuff and just throws it on out there? >> according to sources at media matters, he is one of the journalists who is receptive and has in the past taken information from media matters and reprohibitted it, yes,. >> another "the washington post" guy e.j. syndicated columnist. is he doing exactly what robinson is doing or is there a difference between the two men. >> that is correct. i would say both of them have been around. they are well-respected in washington as liberals. i don't think most people know when they read their stuff, however, that they have been talking to media matters. i think it's worth knowing that. >> the "l.a. times," another liberal newspaper columnist jim rainy. >> correct. >> you have been told that he, again, receives propaganda from media matters. turns it around, and puts it in his column as fact? >> cited as someone by someone who has given him information in the past, that's exactly right. >> all right. in the "new york times" there is brian steltzer who writes
2:35 am
media for them wrote a very flattering article about msnbc today. again, is he linked into media matters? >> he was described by someone who works as media matters as in effect friendly to media matters. they did not cite examples of him taking information without a filter on it. described by someone they believed was friendly to the organization, yes. >> bill: all right. now, you spend some time on this guy greg sargent another worthington person who has a close relationship with media matters, right? [ laughter ] >> there wasn't one person virtually we interviewed from media matters who didn't say the following: if you have got something and you can't place it, no one will take it give greg sargent a buzz on his cell he will take anything. person after person told us that. >> what does he do. >> he a columnist for the "the washington post." he writes a blog called the plumb line which is liberal i didn't know. he was actually an object of ridicule among the media matters people because is he so easy to turn.
2:36 am
>> bill: finally the organization says it will spend $20 million trying to influence media coverage in favor of president obama. they make no pretense that's what they are going to do. where are they going to get the money? >> well, they get it from big democratic donors. keep in mind that media matters, and we just demonstrated this in the piece has been co-lewding with the white house. david broke met with valerie jarrett the president's chief advisor in the white house. they have weekly conference calls with the white house. democratic donors who give money to obama give to to my i can't matters and get along. >> bill: media matters has power in the sense that they have entree to the white house. they can get to the white house and they go back and forth? >> and influence in the press, in the mainstream media without question. >> bill: all right. tucker, thanks very much. we appreciate it when we come right back, bernie goldberg will react to what you just heard how covering the contraceptive controversy. whiewch, dead, drugs involved. i will analyze the terrible situation. we're coming right back. [ male announcer ] lately, there's been a seismic shift
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight, let's bring in the purveyor of bernard from miami where he has just heard the media matters segment. this is interesting. you wrote a book, years back, biased, big best seller. that was before media matters is up and running. so, how much worse do you think left wing influences on the press now than when you were correspondent at cbs? >> right. when i wrote biased 10 years ago, it was a book about bias. i mean, it was simply a book about how there were too many like-minded liberals and too many american numerous and the result was a bias reporting.
2:41 am
i specifically said there was no conspiracy, dan rather never came in and brought his top people around and said let's screw those conservatives today. it was simply a book about bias. this, what we are talking about now, is about corruption. when you have an organization that masquerades as media watchdog group. malice kerr rafds because they are a political assassination organization that has ties with mainstream media journalists and the white house, that's a problem. when the white house goes to war with fox, they wage a war on fox news, isn't it interesting that we now learn that they have their talking points coming from media matters? they worry about fox's talking points. they get their talking points from media matters. and when mainstream journalists write things that -- about you or me or anybody else on this network, if it comes from media matters, if it's totally true, i have no problem. but what about when it's half
2:42 am
true or totally false? this is not a good situation when a left-wing group like this, as i say, masquerading as a media watchdog group has such close ties with mainstream journalists and the white house. >> bill: hasn't it always been true though, throughout our history, that there have been corrupt journalists who have been bribed one way or the other. >> sure. >> bill: to do terrible things? they either get money or they get influence or they get, whatever, and then they write a favorable story or they write a hatchet man story and there is no investigative agency. there is no nobody to watch that and brit and you have -- bg hacking thing now. eavesdropping spying. the only thing can i remember is payola. paying the dj's to pay -- play records. at love them went to jail for
2:43 am
doing that i don't know if there is a corresponding organization on the right, i don't believe there is, all right, who is basically spitting stuff out to the "the washington post," "new york times," "l.a. times," and these columnists are taking it, because, remember, columnists have broad, broad privileges to write opinion. not citing where it comes from. just saying this is true. you know, it's coming from -- the white house and it's coming here and there. and it's disturbing. very disturbing to me. >> right. but you raise an interesting point about is there something on the other side. look, on the right, there is the media research center. they do god's work when it comes to exposing liberal media bias. nobody is better. but they do go deaf, dumb and blind when it comes to exposing conservative bias. on the left, you have media matters that couldn't care less about liberal bias but they are also character assassins which the media research center is not. >> bill: they just deal with facts and surveys. >> where can you go, bill, where can you go where you are
2:44 am
going to get an organization that cares about media bias and corruption, not only when it's from the right and not only when it's from the left? that's my concern. >> okay. now we did a search on the coverage by the liberal media of the contraceptive controversy. the reportage hasn't really been sneering. they have almost backed away from the story. they have deemphasized the story. >> yeah. but there is another problem. when that story broke about the komen foundation not giving money to planned parenthood, the media jumped on that in about 10 seconds because planned parenthood is important. >> they love them. >> important institution to liberal journalists. but, when this story came down about the obama administration requiring catholic organizations to provide free birth control and other reproductive services, it took cbs news 10 days to report
2:45 am
anything about the story. and it took abc and -- abc 17 days. because there are certain things that are in the blind spot of liberal journalists. and this someone of those things. >> story selection. >> important to them and their friends. when it's important to them and their liberal friends, it gets coverage right away. when it doesn't fit into that category, they don't even know it exists. >> bill: bernie goldberg, everybody. in a moment, whitney houston dead at age 48. drugs involved. i will have analysis. then, one of america's great bands celebrating its 50th anniversary. hard to believe. coming right back. kent emmons here for the learn to trade 4x trading program. the learn to trade program is great whether you are an experienced trader and want to seriously up your game, or you're looking for a new career that offers that sought after freedom you've always wanted. with learn to trade it doesn't make any difference how the economy is treating you, because currencies are always on the move. the 4x currency market trades about 4 trillion dollars a day.
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>> back of book segment tonight, reality check, whitney houston dead in los angeles.
2:49 am
♪ how will i know ♪ if he really loves me? ♪ i say a prayer ♪ every heart beat ♪ i fall in love ♪ whenever we meet ♪ i'm asking you ♪ what you know about these things >> bill: ms. houston one of the most successful singers of all time 170 million albums with more to come after her death she signed 100-million-dollar record contract at the time the biggest deal in music history. wasn't enough. like some pop stars ms. miewfn became addicted to drugs. in and out oof rehab using powerful addictive drugs like cocaine reports also she drank heavily. obvious the woman destroyed herself and over the weekend she was found dead in a bathtub at los angeles hotel. ms. houston leaves 18-year-old daughter who had to be hospitalized after learning of her mother's death. incredibly at pre-grammy award party singer tony bennett offered this solution to
2:50 am
ms. houston's demise. >> let's legalize drugs like they did in amsterdam and it's a very sane city now. no one is hiding. no one is roaming around coroners trying to sneak out to find something. they have to go to a doctor to get it. if the doctor doesn't want to give it to them, they don't get it it's called sanity instead of insanity. >> bill: with all due respect to mr. bennett his grasp on reality is slipping. ms. houston was found with a variety of legalized drugs in her hotel room. apparently she took some of them and expired. tony bennett might want to rethink his contention that easier access to narcotics would have helped whitney houston. as the fact at recently reported the oxycontin epidemic is killing thousands of americans all over the country. that is a legal drug available by prescription. also medical marijuana is now legalized in many places and we now have americans legally getting stoned every day on pot. alcohol is legal.
2:51 am
an estimated 10% of american adults have problems with booze. so, what exactly does legalizing narcotics bring us? more availability? that's what. whitney houston wanted to kill herself, nobody takes drugs for that long if they want to stay on the planet. she follows in the footsteps of elvis, janice joplin, michael jackson and scores of other entertainment figures. the hard truth is that some people will always want to destroy themselves. there is nothing society can do about it. what the government can do is design programs that make it difficult to sell and use hard narcotics there are countries in the world like singapore where drug abuse if rare. is the singapore authorities find a citizen using drugs that person goes into a facility. it's mandated and stays there for quite some time. of course, the aclu would go nuts if that were imposed in america but there should be some middle ground. check is disgusted by people who say that selling narcotics is not a violent crime.
2:52 am
ron paul has insinuated that and he is he desperately wrong. the doctor who prescribed those drugs for whitney houston had to know she was a drug addict. everybody knew that. yet, an m.d., apparently gave her powerful legal narcotics the same thing happened to michael jackson. estimated that 75% of all the child abuse and neglect in this country is caused by adults who are substance abusers. crime is driven by drug addicted people. inner city violence is driven by drug sellers. in mexico the drug cartels have almost taken over the entire country. when will society wake up? drugs are dangerous. not just to people like whitney houston, but to all of us. legalizing them will have all kinds of unintended consequences, especially for children. what happened to whitney houston is awful. i said a prayer for her last night. but her death should at least start people thinking and tony bennett should be first on that list followed byron paul.
2:53 am
that is reality check. pinheads and patriots on deck. starring a happier music story. just two minutes and change away.
2:54 am
>> bill: pinheads and patriots starring the beach boys 50th anniversary in a moment. yesterday was abraham's birthday
2:55 am
and ways in orlando, florida speaking to the franchise association, folks that run small businesses that create jobs. and i took some you are chins to harry potter fans. we get a free copy of the gettysburg address when you buy a copy of "killing lincoln" when you buy it. they make great gifts. to the mail... >> bill: you obviously that. you are correct i don't understand that. your analysis is false. religions based on prophets have constitutional exemptions. wise up. take a walk.
2:56 am
>> bill: state has a right to deny marriage licenses, if the mormon church or islam wants to allow purl marriages it's up to them but the state does not have to recognize that. >> bill: for many adults it is, but millions of children are fed bad food by apathetic parents and school boards.
2:57 am
>> bill: come back to the teacher who was interfering with your education. >> bill: only have five questions and patsy didn't make the cut. >> bill: you'll get over it. finally, pinheads and patriots, one america's great pop groups, beach boys were celebrating their 50th anniversary this year. they were honored last night. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bill: stuff hold up.
2:58 am
to bring uplifting music for over five decades. they have been entertaining millions all over the world. beach boys are a patriots. i'm going to see them. that is it for tonight. please check out our fox news website which is differed from billow riley.comism talking points memo. it's right there and the memo pops right up. and if you would like to spout off about the factor, o'reilly at >> no minitory letters. we're not going to have any minitory letters, so if you have a desire to write a minitory letter. squelch it. we will not read the minatory
2:59 am
letters. i am stretching here. but that is in show busy. thanks for watching us. please remember the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> brian is going to do the entire show standing today apparently. >> why can't i do that? why can't i break -- >> i like that. >> this is very interesting. i'm going to stand, too. >> come on, let's go. good morning, it's tuesday, february 14th. happy valentine's day! >> that's right. >> hope you got me something. >> not yet. but you'll love president obama after he delivers his $3.8 trillion budget. >> steve, lean over that way. >> the president is ambushing the american people. >> what does the president's budget really do? we're adding up the numbers and separating fact from fiction. >> meanwhile, whitney houston has come home. the singer's body back in


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